Brother [ ],

I can only hope and pray that this brief Correspondence finds you in the very best of Gods grace and favor, As for myself I am truly blessed and highly favored. I am writing you because I want to let you know how grateful I am for all that you & ECS have done for me. I recall receiving a letter from you about two months ago. In it you informed me of all the past times that I had requested the lessons and they had been sent, yet I had failed to complete the first lesson. You expressed your concern and asured me that you were praying for me. You Compassion for the state of my soul gave me the motivation that I needed to pursue Christ and accept him as my Lord and Saviour.
I recently received my Bible for the completion of the first three courses and it is beautiful. Thank you very much and know that it will be used and cherished, and Thank you for caring and showing me that God did also.

Sincerely, D. C.

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