Brief testimony —

I was arrested 17 Jan 11, I was taking every narcotic pill you could, washing them down with alcohol — that night I was arrested, I was getting a gun to committ suicide, I couldn’t bare life no more….came to jail angry, and every negative thing possible…..

Someone gave me a Bible __ I said “I don’t need this.  God put me here!”  He did — for many reasons, 1st one, to save me from myself.

After a time, I began to read God’s Word. He was working on me, Revealing what I was and why i was so unhappy.  After 23 months, God said “He’ll take that cold, old heart & replace it with a tender one.”   He did — He changed me completely,

I don’t look the same!  I have peace where there was once confusion; Joy where sadness was once.   Happy, I can’t ever recall ever being so happy — came to jail and found freedom like I’ve never God is Good All the Time.003known……

I was once told God will call you back when you not right gently at first. when you refuse to listen, He use drastic measures — He did for me!  Now I believe the Lord wants me to be a leader in my family, to my nieces & nephews, my children, etc.   Whatever He has for me, I will do it with a Smile on my face — and joy in my heart — God has taken me, from a woman who was angry all the time to Just the opposite!   I look forward to what God has enstored for me on the outside and I pray I carry all I’ve learned with me as well……   This has been many lessons learned and I don’t want this trip again…

But I will give God ALL the Glory, the Honor & Praise for what He has done in my life presently and what He’s about to do!  Hallelujah!

I never knew love, as i do now…

Never knew joy, til now

Never knew peace, til i gave my all to Him…

I gave my all & fell in love with an awesome man, my Creator, Savior, Redeemer.  One day Soon, I praise Him eternally, every day I rise Thanking Him, for one more day!

My God is Good.001Thank you


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