Prague clock
Why must I play with the hands of time.
     Listen to the clock rewind.

I've broke many hearts; lied to many soul
     trick many minds.
          Listen to the clock rewind.

Its ripped my mind, body, and soul apart.
     not knowing where to start.
I feel as my life is meant to be lived 
     in a daze,
Running for dear life in a maze.
     Listen to the clock rewind.

Nobody doubled dared me to stick 
          a needle in my arm.
     I thought whats the harm.
Used to be tough as nails and,
               Sharp as a knife.
I've messed my life up once again.
          never thought my demons would win.
     Listen to the clock rewind.

Not knowing where to began, and
          having doubt on how my life may end.
I end up in another cold, dark cell,
          thinking fare well.
Just got done doin ten to the door
         How much more can I do.
     Listen to the clock rewind.

Now as I sit here doing another bid,
               What have I done so wrong.
     I acted as though I didnt belong.
Tears run down my face,
                    Just like the lives I've walked 
               out without a trace.
All of a sudden it start's happing
          I see the very beginning.
     Listen to the clock rewind.

I start to hit my knees to ask
     God for forgiveness.
Please Lord take away all of 
          This Maddness.
Have mercey for all I've done.
You gave your only begotten.
               His salvation has given me
dedication, and motivation
     As I feel this warmth, and my
          heart hears God's voice.
     Son this your Choice.
Believe and always have faith to the 
     very end, I've forgiven all your 

Now as my life begin's
No more lock door’s,
               No more listening to a clock rewind.
          Because its time to take my
Place In a beloved family of Christ.
          I feel so much at peace,
     Thank you Havenly Father for Your
               Absalut Grace.
     Its time for me to start
          making some chang's.
     Praise God for the renewing of 
                    my heart.

The beginning to a greater end,
          forever your Son in Christ...

M.F.,   2016

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