Two Inmates pray & studyEmmaus Correspondence School (ECS) of Georgia promotes the study of God’s Word, the Bible, with the enrollment of inmates in mail correspondence courses which are free of charge. 



Back in the 1970s, God opened the door for the establishment of the ECS Prison Ministry. The goal of the ministry was, and continues to be, to reach inmates with the gospel through the free distribution of ECS Bible study courses. Through the cooperation of the ECS Ministries’ home office and a network of local volunteer prison ministries and coordinators, inmates in more than 3,000 institutions can study an exhaustive curriculum of courses, including specific ones that relate to prison life: Born to Win, Doing Time with Jesus, How to Succeed on the Streets, Proverbs for Life, and Walkin’ the Walk.
More than 17 million American inmates behind concrete walls and iron bars have been reached by ECS courses. What’s more, the ripples of influence extend to the families of inmates as well when they see the effect of the gospel of Christ on the lives of their loved ones. And when an inmate receives Christ, he or she often becomes a powerful witness to other inmates of God’s grace and mercy.

Inmate Courses

“Born to Win . . . is a mind and heart opener for lost sheep.”  –Prisoner

Nearly 100 courses are currently available in English, and over 50 in Spanish. From an academic standpoint, the courses offered are “popular” level and not for college credit. However, many of them are quite challenging, and the transcripts from ECS Ministries are often used for parole hearings and to gain entrance into further educational programs. The common intent of the authors of the courses is the spiritual growth of the student and application of biblical truth to the daily life that brings glory to God.

Ten reasons to study with Emmaus Correspondence School

  • The courses are Biblically sound
  • They are instructional
  • They are systematic
  • They test for comprehension
  • Receives personalized instruction
  • Flexible studying times
  • Over 100 courses to choose from
  • They are excellent teaching tools
  • They are inexpensive
  • The Student receives certificates for successful completion of courses


What you get in an ECS Course?

An ECS course is a self-guided Bible study. The course not only includes the commentary text, but also an exam booklet with multiple choice and short answer questions that corresponds to each chapter of the text. You can then mail the exam booklet back to ECS Ministries (grading is included for free) to have it graded and commented on by real-life individuals. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate. If you complete a set series of courses you will receive a special certificate!
Exams are included.  Exams enable the student to express themselves and the instructor to evaluate the student’s needs and respond in turn with appropriate counsel or instruction.


Various ECS Ministries

A number of dedicated volunteer Prison Coordinators (PCs) who are passionate about spreading the news to prison inmates of how they can truly be “free” distribute the courses into prisons. To find contact information for your nearest Prison Coordinator, check out the bottom of the Home Page, or,  click here.
Each coordinator offers a curriculum which begins with basic instruction about God and Christ in which salvation is emphasized (usually Born to Win) and then provides for more advanced study as the student progresses.  Volunteers (individuals and church groups, etc.) do all the grading and commenting of courses.

STATS17M people reached

•    Over 7,300,000 people are on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole — that’s 1 in every 31 adults.
•    Nearly 2,300,000 prisoners are held in state and federal prisons and local jails.
•    Over 3,200 prisoners are on death row.
•    Men are over 8 times more likely than women to be incarcerated.
•    687,700 state prisoners are serving time for violent offenses.
•    The average prison sentence for a violent offender is 90 months.
•    67% of released prisoners are rearrested within 3 years. This recidivism rate is highest among drug and property offenders.