A Victim’s Forgiveness: Letter from H.L.K.

Jan 30. 2016

Mr. K. G.,

Thank you for the giant print reference Bible.  Its print size, cross references and concordance makes it a very reliable hard to beat Bible.  Thank you so very much.

In the last set of study answer sheets, you asked if I had gotten in touch with my victim’s daughter since she’d forgiven me for taking her father’s life.  Yes, I have.  It took a while, but my sister was able to find the daughter’s address.  I let her know that her finding peace had been in my prayers for years.  I thanked her for her forgiveness, which I had truly never expected nor felt I deserved.  I also congratulated her on her making a family of her own and wished her the best that she truly does deserve.  There has been no further correspondence between us, which is understandable, but I feel that she and I have made peace with each other because the Lord saw fit that we should.  I truly appreciate your concern, comments, and questions.

God bless and keep you and your ministry safe and well.  Thank you for allowing me to participate in it.

In Christian Faith,


A New Life – A.D.E

As  I sit in my cell, I no longer waste away,
For Jesus has come to stay.
Fast my days do go by,
I have no more tears to cry.
Joy fills the air,
For I no longer live in satan’s snare.
God’s peace is with me to stay,
He has showed me His righteous way.
My thoughts has been change in every area of my life,
Now that I share everything with Christ!!

A. D. E.
May 11, 2014

Miracles do happen — I’m proof! J.M.B.

Brief testimony —

I was arrested 17 Jan 11, I was taking every narcotic pill you could, washing them down with alcohol — that night I was arrested, I was getting a gun to committ suicide, I couldn’t bare life no more….came to jail angry, and every negative thing possible…..

Someone gave me a Bible __ I said “I don’t need this.  God put me here!”  He did — for many reasons, 1st one, to save me from myself.

After a time, I began to read God’s Word. He was working on me, Revealing what I was and why i was so unhappy.  After 23 months, God said “He’ll take that cold, old heart & replace it with a tender one.”   He did — He changed me completely,

I don’t look the same!  I have peace where there was once confusion; Joy where sadness was once.   Happy, I can’t ever recall ever being so happy — came to jail and found freedom like I’ve never God is Good All the Time.003known……

I was once told God will call you back when you not right gently at first. when you refuse to listen, He use drastic measures — He did for me!  Now I believe the Lord wants me to be a leader in my family, to my nieces & nephews, my children, etc.   Whatever He has for me, I will do it with a Smile on my face — and joy in my heart — God has taken me, from a woman who was angry all the time to Just the opposite!   I look forward to what God has enstored for me on the outside and I pray I carry all I’ve learned with me as well……   This has been many lessons learned and I don’t want this trip again…

But I will give God ALL the Glory, the Honor & Praise for what He has done in my life presently and what He’s about to do!  Hallelujah!

I never knew love, as i do now…

Never knew joy, til now

Never knew peace, til i gave my all to Him…

I gave my all & fell in love with an awesome man, my Creator, Savior, Redeemer.  One day Soon, I praise Him eternally, every day I rise Thanking Him, for one more day!

My God is Good.001Thank you


Help in our spiritual walk with Christ – K.D.


To ECS Ministries

From your fellow brother in Christ Greetings.  I would like to say than you for sending the courses again as well as for being able to send the card which I have given to another of our brothers in the dorm.  We appreciate all the help that you are giving us to help our spiritual walk with Christ.  I wish that there was something I could do to help you guys in your struggles as well.  If you can think of anything that I can do from here besides praying continually let me know.  May the peace of Christ dwell in your hearts and may the Father of us all answer your prayers for whatever needs you may have.  We are all family and I do worry from time to time about your well being.  To Him be the glory and power forever.  Amen.


your brother in Christ with much love

K. D.

P.S. May the Lord bless each and every one of you and keep you all safe.


Various ECS Ministries


Thank you for the Bible – D.C.

Brother [ ],

I can only hope and pray that this brief Correspondence finds you in the very best of Gods grace and favor, As for myself I am truly blessed and highly favored. I am writing you because I want to let you know how grateful I am for all that you & ECS have done for me. I recall receiving a letter from you about two months ago. In it you informed me of all the past times that I had requested the lessons and they had been sent, yet I had failed to complete the first lesson. You expressed your concern and asured me that you were praying for me. You Compassion for the state of my soul gave me the motivation that I needed to pursue Christ and accept him as my Lord and Saviour.
I recently received my Bible for the completion of the first three courses and it is beautiful. Thank you very much and know that it will be used and cherished, and Thank you for caring and showing me that God did also.

Sincerely, D. C.