God has a purpose for you

I am just really learning to be a true Christian even though I have been saved for a while.  I thank God for the opportunity to be able to understand His word and His plan for my life.

I thank God for my brothers and sisters at Emmaus for being willing vessels.  Doing what God has purposed for you to do so that people like me have a chance to really know why we are here. I thank God for you.

–M. C.,  Albany, GA

June 2017

I was hungry and Thirsty for more

I’d Really like too thank God for this ministry.

Our LORD Jesus Christ Opened my heart the other Day to complete this study.  I had become slothful but by a couple lessons I was hungry and Thirsty for more.  Now I’ve completed it and strongly desire too continue with the Teaching of (ECS).  I Really like the Teaching of William McDonald.

May God Bless and Thank you all so much.

— Brother B.

Hays State Prison   June 2017

Stay on Point at all times…..

…..to be more ready for trouble from Satan after We have had a great or even good win over him.

About running from God:   “I have found like David said, Where can I go Where He is not.  I know He is here in prison…. We talk every day.  I know now to do What He wants me to do and He will give me what I need I don’t have to get it myself.”

About the storms of life:  “[I] look at myself to see is it sin or a test or something to make me stronger or is it just life and to know whatever it is, I will find the answer at the cross through my Lord Jesus, for Jesus is all that matters.”

About blessings when repenting from sin: “PEACE – JOY – Releaf – knowing I am ready to meet God, that God loves me enough that He would put me through whatever he wants to for  me to repent & come to Him.”

About a life lesson from the book of Jonah:  “It reminds me  to gard my heart that when I may sin not to let it set up in my heart to harden it but cut it out by running to the cross & putting the sin away from me and not let it grow in me making me hard against God.”

About the Jonah Bible study:  “A very good study to me — I did not want it to stop.  Thank you and May God deeply & richly Bless you.”

— M. D., Dodge State Prison

excited and enthused

Thank you so much for these ECS in depth studies the more I do the more excited and enthused I get especially when I get a chance to share what I’ve learned with others I can’t wait for the next studies.

K.B., 2017
Lowndes Cty Jail

the Lord’s Words

I just say thank you soo.. much for all the Lord’s words and help.  ECS is helping me learn so much about my Lord Jesus……..



J.H., 2017

Johnson St. Prison

Thank you Lord

a letter from Brooks Co. Jail, 2017

                    Mr. Ken, you and your staff have really and truly been a blessing for me.  I’ve come from  a rough background, and sometimes I feel like I’m the black sheep of my family, but getting back in – tuned with God’s Word I feel amazing. Truth be told yeah I still get angered about certian things, but I don’t let it control me.  I pray, ask for forgiveness and Say “Thank you Lord” repeating it over and over.

I’m currently here in jail on a violation of probation for not reporting, but really how I see it God brought me here to help me to stop violating myself. I had got to the point where I didn’t care about myself just wanted to get $ and get some “weed” … but by the grace of God my mind has been renewed.  I think about what Jesus had already done for me and pray for forgiveness and ask him to keep me mentally strong as he has emotionally and physically.  

Lord’s will soon I will hear something from my probation officer soon but Mr. Ken I wanna request a prayer for my loved ones — …. …. … … … … … because I love them dearly and I only hope the best for them.  I’m gonna continue with these studies even after I’m out so everytime I complete  be looking forward to a letter but God bless you and the whole ECS.  I love yall goodnight.

               your brother in Christ

                C. C.

“… I’m currently here in jail on a violation of probation for not reporting, but really how I see it God brought me here to help me to stop violating myself.”  – C.C.

Just as the Last pitch comes….God shows up… by N.R.

To all at ECS Ministries

It is a joy to know that although im in prison there are people who still care enough to help to build me up spiritually. you Ladies and guys have really helped to wake up my soul and yall have shown me Just how much I really need god in my life. nothing give me greater pleasure than coming closer to god. Learning about his Truths and recieving all that god has for me. It really amazing who god will put in your Life to be the blessing you need at Just the right time. nothing is more important than god. Sometimes Life may throw curve ball at us and it may seem like were going to strike out but Just as the Last pitch comes god shows up and give us the strength to hit a home run. yall have given me a Testamony. And I am forever grateful, i’ll be 24 years old May 12th and for once in my life I can Truly and Honestly say Jesus is my lord and savior. Just thought i would take a moment to express my thanks. God bless you all and your families and may god continue to make you all prosperious in carring and delivering his word.

N.R.,  2016

in State prison for armed robbery……..
has 12 more years to serve

A Victim’s Forgiveness: Letter from H.L.K.

Jan 30. 2016

Mr. K. G.,

Thank you for the giant print reference Bible.  Its print size, cross references and concordance makes it a very reliable hard to beat Bible.  Thank you so very much.

In the last set of study answer sheets, you asked if I had gotten in touch with my victim’s daughter since she’d forgiven me for taking her father’s life.  Yes, I have.  It took a while, but my sister was able to find the daughter’s address.  I let her know that her finding peace had been in my prayers for years.  I thanked her for her forgiveness, which I had truly never expected nor felt I deserved.  I also congratulated her on her making a family of her own and wished her the best that she truly does deserve.  There has been no further correspondence between us, which is understandable, but I feel that she and I have made peace with each other because the Lord saw fit that we should.  I truly appreciate your concern, comments, and questions.

God bless and keep you and your ministry safe and well.  Thank you for allowing me to participate in it.

In Christian Faith,


Help in our spiritual walk with Christ – K.D.


To ECS Ministries

From your fellow brother in Christ Greetings.  I would like to say than you for sending the courses again as well as for being able to send the card which I have given to another of our brothers in the dorm.  We appreciate all the help that you are giving us to help our spiritual walk with Christ.  I wish that there was something I could do to help you guys in your struggles as well.  If you can think of anything that I can do from here besides praying continually let me know.  May the peace of Christ dwell in your hearts and may the Father of us all answer your prayers for whatever needs you may have.  We are all family and I do worry from time to time about your well being.  To Him be the glory and power forever.  Amen.


your brother in Christ with much love

K. D.

P.S. May the Lord bless each and every one of you and keep you all safe.


Various ECS Ministries