Stay on Point at all times…..

… be more ready for trouble from Satan after We have had a great or even good win over him.

About running from God:   “I have found like David said, Where can I go Where He is not.  I know He is here in prison…. We talk every day.  I know now to do What He wants me to do and He will give me what I need I don’t have to get it myself.”

About the storms of life:  “[I] look at myself to see is it sin or a test or something to make me stronger or is it just life and to know whatever it is, I will find the answer at the cross through my Lord Jesus, for Jesus is all that matters.”

About blessings when repenting from sin: “PEACE – JOY – Releaf – knowing I am ready to meet God, that God loves me enough that He would put me through whatever he wants to for  me to repent & come to Him.”

About a life lesson from the book of Jonah:  “It reminds me  to gard my heart that when I may sin not to let it set up in my heart to harden it but cut it out by running to the cross & putting the sin away from me and not let it grow in me making me hard against God.”

About the Jonah Bible study:  “A very good study to me — I did not want it to stop.  Thank you and May God deeply & richly Bless you.”

— M. D., Dodge State Prison

Thank you Lord

a letter from Brooks Co. Jail, 2017

                    Mr. Ken, you and your staff have really and truly been a blessing for me.  I’ve come from  a rough background, and sometimes I feel like I’m the black sheep of my family, but getting back in – tuned with God’s Word I feel amazing. Truth be told yeah I still get angered about certian things, but I don’t let it control me.  I pray, ask for forgiveness and Say “Thank you Lord” repeating it over and over.

I’m currently here in jail on a violation of probation for not reporting, but really how I see it God brought me here to help me to stop violating myself. I had got to the point where I didn’t care about myself just wanted to get $ and get some “weed” … but by the grace of God my mind has been renewed.  I think about what Jesus had already done for me and pray for forgiveness and ask him to keep me mentally strong as he has emotionally and physically.  

Lord’s will soon I will hear something from my probation officer soon but Mr. Ken I wanna request a prayer for my loved ones — …. …. … … … … … because I love them dearly and I only hope the best for them.  I’m gonna continue with these studies even after I’m out so everytime I complete  be looking forward to a letter but God bless you and the whole ECS.  I love yall goodnight.

               your brother in Christ

                C. C.