All of our workers at ECS Ministries of Georgia are like important links in a chain. Without everyone doing their part the ministry would not continue…. No one person more so than Brenda Toliver.

For one thing, her service to ECS goes way back.  In years past, Warren Hylton counted on Brenda to handle several responsibilities.  Today she does two jobs that are extremely important and must be done so very accurately.  She grades student tests plus enters student grades, which includes updating addresses and cell numbers, and assigns the correct next courses.  There are actually a lot of decisions involved and she makes them wisely.

We are all trophies of God’s grace, but none more so than Brenda. Many of us had the advantage of growing up in a Christian home, but not Brenda.  She says God was not mentioned in their home unless as a defilement against Him.  Both parents drank heavily and her mother was seldom home.  Often her mother would pack the kids in the car and leave them there in the dark outside the bar for hours.

No soul coming to Christ is less than a miracle of His grace, but especially Brenda.  She became a member of the family of God at age 17.  Though now on her way to Heaven, she has had many a hard time along the road.  But always, she delights in serving others in any way large or small.

We now rejoice that we are in church fellowship with Brenda and she has been led to faithfully, weekly do her valuable ministries to ECS.

Thank you, Brenda, for doing all you do for this work for God.